A downloadable game for Windows

Note: It's a demo version of the game, but FULL VERSION IS OUT on SteamNintendo Switch | Humble Bundle

Release Trailer:

Dude, Stop is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to make everyone hate you.

And I mean it! If someone would watch you play, they could slap you upside the head and call you The Most Evil Person alive! And we are not even sorry about that! Because we know that deep down in your soul… you really like it! You like ruining our puzzles, solving them badly, and looking for that one solution that could make your evil-self happy! …or, you know, you can be a boring chap and solve all the puzzles as a normal, casual, average human being. But let's face it – we know what it's gonna be in the end, right? …you monster!


DudeStop_v0.6b.zip 29 MB


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This game is so fun to play XD

this wood be bedder if it was a full game

its out on steam, switch, and humble bundle. this is the demo

only 1 thing unfortunately there is no voice :( but of cource beggars cant be choosers

This is free because this is a demo. This isn't the full version. The full version has more content in it.

this is super cool specially its free and on steam it $14

this is a demo

it didnt work wtf

what os are you os

if it's anything else besides windows it can't work


How to Download.... SNAP

How to play.. I'm new to this ;-; someone please help me. Thank you!

I can help


yes it's on version 0.6B

i think you turn all the paintings upside down

it just 1 painting in demo

Does this work for a Chromebook? Or is it only for windows?

i dont think

only for windows

(1 edit)

what are you using anyways


me too

this is so cool




how do i start pls

pls pls pls

are you on windows?

this works only on windows

how do i play it?

i don't know what to do on the 2nd one!

i wish the demo worked on mac

I made one that works on Mac!


thats stealing someones work..

''you right!''



its good but KINDA LAME SINCE theres no plot or story its just be a normal person or be a jerk THATS THE WHOLE GAME 


wow this game is awesome i love it, its really funny as well though

So this is r/mildlyinfuriating - the game. I think it was really clever take but will sadly maybe age badly in a few years :^) Especially the steam greenlight joke

I made a video to this game, didn't know this was a demo lmao


i love I



Deleted 1 year ago

Does anyone recognize the narrators voice?

Edit: Garroth/Andy from Aphmau



this is fun but i want the FULL version, would appreciate it

buy it on steam

some people don't like steam....

too broke lmao


very good :)


it's not as good as the steam version, not as fun...

it is just a black screen


hi persons i am not peopls

Deleted 1 year ago

i downloaded it.But how do u get on?

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Really I should play the game and send it on youtube because I'm a youtuber think about this and let me know in my youtuber channle my youtube name is BLACK GOODRA


yea thx its reeeely cool but how do i PLAY THE GAME


can i download it on a mac bc i think u can only download it on a windows 


i saw this on steam and was sad because it wasnt free but now im happy


I can't get onnnnnnn


I want toooooo playyyyyyyyyyyyyu



Ive downloaded it but Idk how to get on


looks good but how do I get on it?

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