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Time To Morp is a game about weird and quirky creatures, building bases, exploring worlds, automation, research and much more. But most importantly - friendship!

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Explore a vast world!

Search for new resources, discover different biomes and rare plants, climb mountains or delve into caves, search for secrets or just chill near a lake while some sneaky morp is trying to steal your sandwich...


Morps! A whole bunch of cute little creatures! Some are friendly, some are not, some bite, and some just run in circles and scream... But the most important part is - they MORPH! 

Time to Morp - Morps


Shapeshift, change, mutate, you name it! Feed it metal - crunch! - it’s producing metal now! Leave it near water - splash! - it’s your personal walking fountain! Mix and match to produce every resource you need!

Time to Morp - Morph!

Build a base!

Place fences, pipes, pumps, wires, decorations, lights, music and sit back in appreciation of a job well done and everyone living in peace and harmony... for five minutes tops.

Time to Morp - Build a base!

Automate everything!

Use our patented Not-So-Complicated Pump Systems™ to easily automate everything from morp routes and food logistics to sleep schedules and power consumption. Set it up and watch everything go horribly wrong.

Time to Morp - Automate everything!

Fun Multiplayer!

Invite your friends to play, explore, build and collectively wonder who fed fruit to an electrical morp and now you don’t have enough electricity and oh my god why is that tree on fire.

Time to Morp - Fun Multiplayer!

Research, expand, unlock!

Collect resources, receive gadgets, invent tools, craft vehicles, invest in technology. Spread out, travel, explore. And never complete the main story because you have this little thing you can optimize juuust a little bit more.

Time to Morp - Research, expand, unlock!

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